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Strong rustic features like the fireplace and wooden beams are balanced with the softness of candlelight, a lace gown, and light peach accents. The details nearly outshine the bride.
Crashing waves and an orange sunset made a perfect backdrop for this dramatic winter beach elopement on Cannon Beach in Oregon. Olga's stunning Mignonette Atelier dress looked as though it was part of the ocean breeze. Her effortless and elegant fishtail braid contrasted with the carefully arranged, vibrant bouquet of orange tulips and soft pink peonies only add to the drama of the couple's shoot. For a fun twist, two ponies out on walk decided to stroll down the beach alongside the happy couple.
Tucked away on a private alpaca farm, the bride and groom host an intimate ceremony featuring a comfortable lounge for guests created with rentals from Folklore.
Inspired by the beauty found in simplicity and by classic style, this bride-to-be found The Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco was the perfect venue for her editorial photo shoot.