Wedding Blog Submissions

Looking to submit your beautiful work for consideration on Artfully Wed? Please take a moment to read through our blog submissions guidelines below to craft the perfect submission!

What we’re looking for

We love detailed, expressive, romantic, glamorous, creative and unique weddings; they might feature DIY and handmade elements, distinctive venues, or vintage style… whatever it may be, creativity, fabulous photography, romance, emotion and lots of details are a must! We also gladly accept styled and inspiration shoots and other wedding-related events.

We only accept a very small quantity of engagement sessions with the aforementioned unique qualities.

We require a very high standard for photography; images must exhibit creativity, proper composition and exposure, excellent lighting and thoughtful editing. We accept both film and digital photography submissions.

If you’ve submitted to us before, you can jump right to the submission form. If you’ve never submitted before or if it’s been awhile, please keep reading for submission guidelines, information about our exclusivity policy and tips for creating the best submission.

Benefits of publishing with Artfully Wed

We know you have plenty of wonderful wedding blogs out there to choose from, and we appreciate your interest in having your imagery published with us!

Any photographer whose work is featured on Artfully Wed on three or more occasions is eligible for complimentary inclusion as a Gem in our vendor guide as a thank you for working with us on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for details!

How to submit

We take copyright and intellectual property very seriously, so at this time we only accept submissions directly from photographers or authorized vendors. Before a submission will be published, we will require a signed agreement from the image copyright holder. If you are a bride, please ask your photographer to submit instead.

Artfully Wed is an exclusive editorial partner with Two Bright Lights, and we recommend using the service to streamline your submission process.

However, if you’re not a Two Bright Lights member, you can use our submission form below.

What to include in your submission

  • Please include a paragraph describing how the wedding/event is a fit for Artfully Wed’s audience – what makes it unique?
  • Images must be high-quality and at least 1200 pixels wide.
  • Please submit 50-100 carefully curated images for styled shoots and weddings (fewer is okay for engagements).
  • Detail shots are a must!
  • Event must be from within the last 18 months.
  • Please do not submit collage images or watermarked images.
  • We need a complete vendor list! Artfully Wed is not responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in features that result from incomplete vendor lists.

Creating the perfect submission for Artfully Wed

Click here to find out more about creating the perfect submission for Artfully Wed!

Exclusivity Policy

Here at Artfully Wed, we are an “Exclusive Publication” and we only accept submissions that haven’t yet been featured elsewhere. Here are some FAQs to help you before submitting to us!

Q: How long should I wait to hear back about a submission before moving on to another blog?

A: We ask that you give us 2 full weeks to review your submission before you submit anywhere else. Every submission is carefully reviewed by a single person, so please be patient! We do our absolute best to respond in a timely fashion. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, feel free to send us a follow up email. Or, please let us know if you intend to pull the submission at that time.

Q: May I submit to other blogs?

A: Yes! But Artfully Wed must be the first wedding blog to feature the submission, and you must wait 30 days after the feature date to submit anywhere else.

We’ve changed our policy from 6 months of exclusivity to 30 days after careful consideration of the feedback we’ve received from wedding vendors.

Q: May I publish the feature on my own blog?

A: Absolutely! Our exclusivity policy doesn’t apply to the vendors who participated – only to other wedding blogs. As long as Artfully Wed is the first wedding blog to feature it, that’s just fine with us if you share a small selection of images! We know how hard you work and appreciate how important it is to be able to market your talents to potential brides on your very own blog and social media channels.

Q: Why do you require exclusivity at all?

A: In the Internet age, brides are inundated with inspiration and ideas for their weddings! We believe there are more than enough wonderfully beautiful weddings to go around, so we want brides to see fresh new ideas on our site!

Get to know the style of the blogs you’re thinking about submitting to – those that truly fit the style and vision of your submission – and then only submit when it feels like a perfect match. We believe there’s a blog out there for every type of submission. We strive to offer our brides inspiring, artistic, one-of-a-kind weddings.

Q: What happens if I don’t follow your guidelines?

If you don’t follow our exclusivity policy, chances are we won’t be publishing your work in the future. It’s nothing personal, but we’d rather work with wedding professionals who appreciate the value of what we do and are happy to work with us rather than against us. You might think we’ll never know if a submission is not exclusive, but many wedding bloggers are part of a tight-knit community, and we speak with one another often! Please play by the rules so we don’t have to be the bad cops – we really don’t like it. We much prefer to share the love. We respect you as artists, and we hope you feel the same!

Q: How can I make sure my feature is successful?

A: It’s important that you let as many participating vendors as possible know about the feature so they can plan to promote it through social media, blog posts, etc.! The more shares a post gets, the more eyes will land on it! Also, be sure to grab a badge to place on your site so people can find your work at a later date!

By submitting to Artfully Wed, you agree to honor this exclusivity policy:
  • This submission has not been submitted to or published on any other wedding blog.
  • If you do not receive an approval notice within 14 days of submission, you may certainly submit the session to other publications.
  • However, during the 14-day review period, you may not submit or publish this session on other online publications.
  • If your submission is accepted for publication on Artfully Wed, you may not submit it for features on other blogs until 30 days after the feature date.
  • Failure to adhere to Artfully Wed’s exclusivity policy may result in rejection of future submissions.

Please note: We’re currently booking about 4 to 6 months out. Want to skip to the front of the line? Priority review is just one of the perks of becoming a 24 Karat Vendor on Artfully Wed. Click here to request more information »

Still have questions? Contact us!