SimpleRegistry: The Perfect Gift Registry

When you think of wedding registries, images of department stores and those little barcode scanner guns probably come to mind, but hey, it’s 2013! Why limit yourself to china patterns and toasters? SimpleRegistry is changing the way engaged couples create and share their wedding registries.

SimpleRegistry: The Perfect Gift Registry

This is a sponsored post for SimpleRegistry.

SimpleRegistry has a host of unique tools that make registering for wedding gifts fun and a reflection of your personality, not just the latest inventory of the big box retail stores.

SimpleRegistry: The Perfect Gift Registry

Here’s an overview of the features:

  • Add any item from any store (even intangible items like donations to charities or thrilling experiences) to one registry.
  • Group gifting is easy! Your guests can chip in to help purchase the pricier items on your registry.
  • SimpleAdder, a bookmarklet for your web browser, makes setting up your registry and adding items to it a snap. You can also use the free mobile app when you’re on the go. Or, for a really quick solution, start with Instant Registry: pre-made lists of professionally curated registry items.
  • Your registry can be crowdsourced with SimpleRegistry. You know that friend who always has the coolest gadgets and always seems to know the latest trends? Send your favorite tastemakers a custom version of the SimpleAdder tool, and they can suggest cool stuff to add! You’ll retain full veto power, of course.
  • All of the gifts on your registry are redeemed as cash. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in your registry. Just tell SimpleRegistry when you’re ready to receive your gifts, and they’ll send you a check or deposit the funds directly to your checking or PayPal account so you can get to shopping!
  • No need to stress over keeping track of who gave what – SimpleRegistry instantly generates a list of all guests, the gifts they provided and their full contact information. Just send out your thank you notes and you’re done!

SimpleRegistry: The Perfect Gift Registry

Want to hear how real couples used SimpleRegistry to create the perfect registry? Check out the Real Member Stories and get inspired!

To view what your guests will see when you create a registry, take a peek at some of these Real Member Registries. As you’ll see, you can post pictures of yourselves to personalize it, as well as a special intro/greeting for your guests.

Creating your account only takes a few minutes and it’s free! Your registry page will have an easy web address that you can specify (, and then your guests can securely give a gift using a credit card or PayPal account.

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